When arriving by car, these information might come in handy...

Short term / baggage drop

Right next to my door, there's my landlord's garage. For a couple minutes, you can park in front of it, just make sure you leave room for the pedestrians and that you're NOT within the blue lanes for residents.

Street parking (click to pay)

0-3 minute walk. Limited parking places. 60 CZK (2,3€) hourly. There's parking meters that accept credit cards and Czech/EUR coins. Or click above to pay using your credit card. Enter your license plate number and the code of the parking zone (it's P7-0001 in front of my house). You'll find the code on the street signs nearby.

Underground garage

12 minute walk. 800 parking places. 40 CZK (1,5€) hourly or 150 CZK (6€) daily. Click above to see the location of the garage.