• Welcome to our studio

    Hi, we're Nikola & Vaclav

    I'm a model, he's a photographer. Prague Boudoir is our home photo studio that we've built and improved over the years for you to enjoy and shoot with Nikola or other models here, either in-person or remotely, rent the studio or have client photos taken by Vaclav.

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    Hi, we're Nikola & Vaclav
  • Spark your imagination

    Great light in a variable, creative space

    Our photo studio offers countless options for styling and design and art direction, has great natural light all day (and black-out curtains to shape and control the natural light), is fully equipped with a wide variety of lighting gear (both strobes and LEDs), and has dozens of backdrops and unique props, art pieces and furniture.

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    Great light in a variable, creative space
  • We specialize in the genres of

    Boudoir, art nude, glamour & couples photography

    We're here to share with you our 15 years of experience in tasteful, classy, timeless model photography, both in front of and behind the camera. Prague Boudoir comes as a complete full service package - our space, equipment, styling, skills and experience.

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    Boudoir, art nude, glamour & couples photography
  • Improve your photography

    Private workshops

    We also teach model photography, lighting, posing and editing, and cater to all levels of photographers. Even if you're just trying out photography as a potential new hobby, with us you don't have to invest in camera and lighting gear, we provide everything at one place.

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    Private workshops
  • You can be anywhere in the world

    Remote photo shoots at Prague Boudoir

    No matter where you're located, you can still take advantage of all the possibilities that our photo studio in the heart of Europe has to offer you - great light, so many set designs, local talent and experience - we have a professional remote shooting setup that we've perfected over the last couple years.

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    Remote photo shoots at Prague Boudoir



24 Reasons why choose Prague Boudoir

Nikola, the in-house fine art model

also a certified make-up artist and stylist

Vaclav, the in-house photographer

also a coach, art director and assistant

100+ models shot

mostly full-day, long-term, repeat bookings, with styling and art direction and post-processing

15 years experience

modeling and model photography full-time

Best value pricing

all at one place

3,2 m / 10.5 ft

ceiling height

134 sqm / 1440 sqft

of total space

10+ backdrops

paper, canvas and textile

11 posing cubes

all white

Free parking all day

right in front of the studio

South-facing tall windows

with black-out curtains

Strobes and LEDs

with countless modifiers

Hardwood parquet flooring

in the entire studio

V-flats, light stands, clamps

cinefoil, plexi glass, mylar and many more gaffer tools

Paintings, antiques, art pieces

unique and timeless

Good coffee & tea

free with any booking

33 luxury lingerie sets

and hundreds more wardrobe items, in various sizes

Pro camera, lenses & lighting

long-term users with deep knowledge of the Sony and Godox equipment

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

expert knowledge especially in LR Classic

Remote shooting setup

perfected over the past years, unique and complete with location, assistant, model

Dropbox Business Advanced and Zoom Pro

paid subscriptions, so you don't have to


we don't shop on Temu or Wish, we don't do single-use items etc.

Cozy, safe, friendly, private

we know when to be helpful and when to be invisible

Clean & organized

regularly cleaned and entirely non-smoking (you can still smoke outside, of course)