• New year. New chapter. New studio.

    Prague Boudoir in 2021 & Beyond

    Bigger, better, accessible, amazing. Only through creating and running our first photo studio for almost five years did we realize what matters most. And ever since covid hit the world in Mar '20 we've been on a mission to find a location upgrade. This new place has more space, tall white walls, there's wooden parquet flooring and free guest parking and free parking on the street and it's just 15 stairs instead of 96 as in the 2016-2020 Prague Boudoir studio. All for you to enjoy!

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    Prague Boudoir in 2021 & Beyond


Compared to Our 2016-2020 Photo Studio

  • 134 sqm compared to 118 sqm (1443 sqft vs 1270 sqft)
  • bring your long lens, too, as you can shoot through doorways
  • 14 stairs instead of 96
  • free guest parking right outside
  • free street parking all around
  • tall and vertical windows instead of the attic’s roof windows
  • window blinds and curtains for controlling the available light
  • ceiling lighting in the central room
  • there’s a hotel literally next door or we’re happy to host you
  • parquet flooring everywhere
Empty (end of 2020)

All Moved In (early 2021)

Available From 6th February 2021

  • all the lighting equipment, props, furniture, art pieces, wardrobe etc. is moving with us
  • the general style of this place will be less chateau-like and slightly more modern, lofty, industrial
  • location is only a 7 minute drive from the 2016-2020 photo studio and there’s tram and bus and metro nearby
  • pricing stays the same for a better photo studio. You’re welcome!